Worthy Reasons to Get a Travel Credit Card

Worthy Reasons to Get a Travel Credit Card

Travel credit cards tend to be one of the favorite options for the jet-lagged people and indeed there are many reasons behind their popularity. These cards usually come with costly bonuses during sign-up and big rewards and also some really attractive perks. However, travel credit cards aren’t the perfect option for majority of the travelers, who are especially Americans. This is when a cash-back card can meet your financial needs in a better way and help you with your upcoming trip. Here are some reasons to use such cards.

  • There are high chances of getting multiplied value in the long term

If you think you’re going to keep your credit card for a long time, you can probably set yourself for earning more rewards when you have a cash-back credit card. As per a recent survey, consumers have to spend a minimum amount of $8600 on travel every year for 5 years in order to prove a travel reward credit card to be of better value than a cash-back card. It has been seen that most consumers are spending much less than the required amount. The survey also revealed that Americans who spent money on traveling and have travelled in the last 12 months spend an amount of $3129 on travel expenses in a year. Consumers usually spend their bulk on gas, clothing, groceries and other expenses.

  • Sign-up bonus can be earned easily

There are many travel credit cards which boast of huge bonuses on sign-up which becomes equivalent to hundreds of dollars of free travel. But the trick behind this is that you will have to spend between $2000 and $6000 within a period of 3 months. The sign-up bonuses are definitely smaller but it is never a good or a wise idea to incur debt in order to grab rewards. These are the situations when cash-back cards are smarter options for those who can’t spend the amount required for travel cards to give you a sign-up bonus.

  • Rewards can be used by for any reason

We all know that cash is king and you can utilize the proceeds for anything according to your wish. Travel cards need you to redeem your rewards on few set expenses (given by them) like travel costs but when it comes to the cash back on travel costs, you can use it for any reason. In the present economy, travel expenses look different than what they did previously. There are some travel cards which don’t let you redeem rewards but there are many consumers who use the ride-sharing treats each time they take a ride. In case of cash back card, you can cover such expenses with free money rather than shelling off funds from your pocket.

Therefore, if you’re wondering about the different reasons for taking travel cards, you may consider the above listed ones. The more you know the intricacies of using these cards, the better you can manage your finances and also save money at the same time.

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