7 Steps to Simplify Your Job Search

7 Steps to Simplify Your Job Search

The current economic downturn has left many professionals jobless. With the rising count of unemployed executives, it seems there will be hoard of manpower looking for employment in the coming days. So, how will you make an impact on the employer when will have to compete with several other qualified professionals? How will you even land yourself a personal interview for that position that you have been eying? The following article will answer these questions and offer help through useful tips on how to simplify your job search.

Stay clear from verbosity when creating your CV – Job seekers may spend hours or days creating the perfect CV, but in the end it is given only as much importance as the others’ resume. According to experts, a recruiter does not give more than five minutes to one resume and will only swift through the pile of applications, stopping over on those that appeal the most. Therefore, it is more important than ever to send in a resume that is concise, relevant and error-free. It is better if you can present all significant information in maximum two pages as you don’t want to overwhelm the reader with too much data. Make good use of bullet points to list out achievements and skills relevant for the targeted opening. Stick to simple language and get rid of hobbies and interests, unless they are supporting your candidature.

Create a clean and succinct cover letter – Just like the CV, brevity is the key requirement for a cover letter. You may skip the detailed introductions and common statements conveying that you are a team player and how well you can manage a team. Leave that part for the resume. Get straight to the point and support your application with a couple of achievements that complement the nature of work you are applying for. Painting a picture of these successes will compel recruiters to learn about your other accomplishments mentioned in your resume.

Explore job sites and social media – You can upload your CV on job search portals for speedy employment. Job portals are known to send customized job alerts to job seekers via e-mail. You can narrow your job search according to your industry, location, remuneration and past experience. Also, make sure you become active on social networking sites like LinkedIn, Facebook and/or Twitter where you can meet like-minded professionals from the same domain. This will help you better understand the job market trend, industry requirements and you may also be able to stumble upon some valuable leads. If you feel job sites are impersonal and you would like to apply directly to a company of your choice, then you can go to its official website and apply for openings under the ‘Careers’ section.

Use digital devices and mobile apps – In order to simplify the process of job search, job portals have come up with job search apps for smartphones. You can now use your phones to easily apply for a job opening or spread the word about your job search through SMS, BBM or WhatsApp. And who knows, one of your contacts may revert with a vacancy suitable for you.

Hire job search agents – You can appoint job search agencies to find appropriate jobs for you. You can provide them with your CV and they will get in touch with companies themselves to set up an interview for you. Agents are already in the job search business and are completely aware of the available opportunities.

Network in a casual way – Expand your professional circle through casual interactions and chats. Networking doesn’t always need to be a formal affair and must remain a constant priority. Keep in touch with your colleagues and ex-colleagues to keep associations alive. This way you will also be introduced to other professionals and other networking groups. Your main focus should remain on interacting with people while doing your daily activities. From having coffee to socializing over lunches, there are priceless career leads that can be extracted from industry allies.

Give the interview your best shot – After all the attempts to catch the recruiters’ attention the interview will be the final stage of your job search. If there is one platform where you can max your attempts, it is this round of personal interview. You have managed to make an impression on the HR manager with the resume, but now you will have to prove yourself in person. Once you are invited for the interview, remember to research about the company and also enact the entire interview before-hand to get rid of nervousness. Reach 10-15 minutes in advance and keep two copies of your CV ready. Once you the interview is over, you may later track your candidature by contacting the HR, but remember not to be too pushy.

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