Beat the Scorching Heat despite Being on a Shoestring Budget

Beat the Scorching Heat despite Being on a Shoestring Budget

The scorching summer heat has a tough impact on our bodies, our electric bills and also on our moods. In spite of the heat and its effects, don’t allow the temperature to bog you down. And then suddenly there is news of a heat wave that is expected to even raise the already high temperatures throughout the city. The extreme heat brings in a host of health issues like respiratory problems, dehydration and this is why the Red Cross is advising people to stay in cooler areas, probably in the air conditioned places as long as it is possible.

The biggest problem of summers is that it is hard to stay cool without shooting up your electricity bills to the roof. Nevertheless, there are few creative methods that you can do in order to bring down the temperature, that too without increasing your utility costs. What are they? Take a look at the ways.

  1. Switch off the lights to cool down

We all know that lights produce too much heat, more than what you have ever thought of. During summer months, you must not be in search of too much light as daylight hours are the longest during these few months. Hence, when you turn them off, you can soon start saving electricity and this can even cool down the temperature of your house.

  1. Hang pieces of wet cloth in front of the window or fan

If you hang a piece of wet cloth near the window or in front of the fan, whenever there is a breeze hitting the window or when the fan is switched on, this will definitely cool your house. You may even use a bowl of ice water or even a tray of ice to achieve the same desired effect.

  1. Cold showers should be taken more often

When you start taking cold showers, not only will the hot water bill start thanking you but with cold showers, you will always feel more comfortable. This is in fact the easiest and most cost-effective ways of cooling down. Make sure you wear light-colored clothing as soon as you’re out from a bath and don’t forget to remain hydrated throughout the day. Drink as many glasses of water as is possible.

  1. Make a DIY air conditioner

Keeping the AC on for the entire day throughout the summer season can take a toll on your wallet. How about making your own pseudo-air conditioner? You would require few basic materials like Styrofoam and fan version and in case you don’t like the way it looks, you can search for all the other DIY air conditioners you can make.

  1. Keep exercising

Just because it is extremely hot outside, that doesn’t mean that you will stop doing exercises. Switch to water sports, swimming and make sure you avoid the sun when it is strongest. When you work out in the summer, the pre-cooling technique will make you feel cooler.

Hence, if you don’t want to spend those extra dollars on electricity bills during summer, take resort to the above mentioned ways of beating the heat on a tight budget.

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