Selling Your Home: How to Stage a House on a Budget

Selling Your Home: How to Stage a House on a Budget

If you have decided to sell your house and thought now is the time to relax and wait, you are definitely wrong. Before you wait for your potential buyers to come, there is a lot what you need to do in the house. In today’s world, many people are dealing with the problem of budgeting. If you do not have many assets to invest in redecorating your house before sale, and do not plan to hire a professional stager, here are some useful tips on what you should do to prepare it as best as you can.


When it comes to staging your home, the first step in a limited budget is the simples possible – cleaning. Many people rely on the looks, so if they see your house is a dirty one, they will run for the hills. First vacuum all the rugs and carpets, clean all the floors, clean all the windows and dust out all door frames and light fixtures. Do not miss a single spot dirty. Think of unordinary places, such as the pantry and the laundry room, because potential buyers will look everywhere in search of a flaw.


Since you are soon leaving your house, you have to remove all personal things, such as photos and family keepsakes away from sight in order to attract buyers. Ideally, you should store them away from the house, not even in the garage. Since you are selling the house, not the family, think of how to remove it from the focus, and let other things, such as great furniture be in its stead.


Before you invite your buyers, you have to declutter your home. Once the staging phase has come, you will have to make sure to remove all those things you do not necessarily need every day. Pack all your collections and everything you can live without for some time in order to leave the space neat and let it be visible to your potential buyers. This will create the sense of space to them and it will be easier to decide whether they like it or not.

Hide imperfections

A great way of hiding imperfections is to mask them. If your floor is somehow damaged, you can use runner rugs and all your worries are forgotten. Besides, it will look pretty as well. If you have some other thing you want to shift focus away from, then use lights and show off with another item. Or, add some colour to the space, such as colour pillows on the couch and the floor, or small details such as a green or yellow bowl on the dining table. This can make a significant difference in the buyer’s mind.

And finally, do not forget to prepare the outside of your house as well. Since you are not selling the house only, you should probably prepare your garden and lawn as well, not to mention the curb and the façade. Everything has to be neat if you want your house to sell fast.


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