Striking the Perfect Work Life Balance – What’s the Take?

Striking the Perfect Work Life Balance – What’s the Take?

With the advancements in technology which make workers accessible round the clock, striking the right work-life balance can seem almost an impossible task. Fear of losing jobs capitalizes to longer working hours. Reports from Harvard Business School reveal that 95% of the professionals, report that they work for above 50 hours in a week and half of them said that they even work for a little bit above 65 hours in a week. The compounding stress that you face after working for long hours in a day can have a damaging impact in your life. It can have an adverse impact on your health, personal relationships and on your overall happiness.

The work-life balance can mean different things to different people and hence the experts here are going to help you with some tips and advices on how to strike the right balance. Read on.

1: Ditch those perfectionist tendencies

There are too many people who have developed the tendency of overachieving and they are the ones who also inculcate the perfectionist tendencies at a pretty young age. During a time when their activities are limited to hobbies, school and an after-school job, it’s easier to maintain the habit of a perfectionist when you’re a kid. Once you start growing, your life can soon get complicated. With mushrooming responsibilities, perfection is something that becomes way out of reach. However, if that habit of yours remains unchanged, you can become destructive.

2: Shut yourself off at times

From telecommunication to the programs which make your work life easier, besides reaping the benefits, they also make you accessible 24X7. The employers have greater expectations of constant accessibility. There should be a time when you should just switch off your phone and enjoy each and every moment even if that means doing nothing. Don’t get stressed over phone notifications as this too leads to stress.

3: Meditate and work out

Although you remain busy, you make enough time for few vital tasks like going to the washroom, eating and sleeping. Just as these are your crucial needs in life, make exercising also one of your crucial needs. Exercising can pump in endorphins which are the feel-good hormones in your body and can also uplift your mood. Whether its yoga or exercise or meditation, make sure you do something at least everyday.

4: Change your life’s structure

There are times when we tend to fall into a habit and we keep assuming that are habits have become set in stone. Ask yourself whether or not you can make any changes to your life. If you’ve always been visiting grocery stores, buying groceries and serving dinner for your spouse, how about making a shift in your habits? Outsource things that you think waste your time.

5: Limit the activities which waste your time

Firstly, you have to recognize the most vital thing in your life. Chuck off all the activities which makes you waste time and draw firm lines on those activities which devote time to the high-priority activities and people.

Therefore, if you’re still struggling to strike the work life balance, you can take into account the above mentioned tips and advices.

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