Three Questions to Ask Yourself Before Starting a New Business As An Expat

Three Questions to Ask Yourself Before Starting a New Business As An Expat

Starting a new business can be a rewarding, yet stressful venture, and if you decide to relocate and start your business as an expat in a new country, you might face a few challenges along the way. Before you make that move and register the name of your product or service, take these three questions into consideration – they might help you make a more informed decision!

Do You Know Everything There Is To Know About This New Country?

Most importantly, have you done your research? More than just starting your business in a new country, you are going to be living there and could be taking your family to this destination too. For example, if you are relocating to the international city of Dubai it is good to know that Islam is the predominant religion, so you can expect major culture shock if you do not prepare yourself.Or that if you are relocating to Canada, that they speak both English and French.
It is important to know all you can about the environment and this will help you understand if there is indeed a market for your product or service. Reading up on local expat and business blogs will help you understand the climate, whether it be about the weather, culture or business practices!

Where Will Your New Business Be Located?

Before you decide where your office space will be located, you must also decide where your customer base lies. If they are in the city, then finding an office block in an office park in a more central, busy area will suffice. If your customer base is not located here, maybe look at finding an office in an outlining area, where rent will be cheaper. You could also use a service such as serviced office space to rent or wherever you are relocating to, which are globally accessible. Locate your business close to customer needs and in a place that employees can get to easily.

How Will You Meet Your Objectives?

For every business, it is important that you look at your deliverables and set objectives that can be met within certain time frames. A question you must ask yourself is, are my objectives clear so that everyone who is selling my product or service can easily sell to the customers? As much as you plan, you must also make sure that this plan will be executed in all aspects of your business.

Remember, your success is dependent on various elements, but proper preparation before you make the move is key!

This is a guest post by Ibtisaam Ganief. She is an expert business, property and development writer. She is extremely knowledgeable in the business climate of the UAE, and believes she can help you when it comes to finding the perfect working environment.

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