Who Says Money Can’t Buy You Happiness?

Who Says Money Can’t Buy You Happiness?

It was The Beatles who said to us that money can’t buy us love! But what about happiness? Can money buy us happiness? Well, as per a 2016 report by Case Western Reserve University, household income has an impact on both the quality of life and the family’s emotional wellness. In fact, it has been seen that the difference in emotional happiness is greatest until you reach $70,000 and once you reach $200,000, it reaches zero.

So, as per researches, dollars always make a difference in the kind of life we lead and personal finance experts also agree to the fact. There are many positive impacts on your life when you have enough fortune stored in your financial safe. Hence, it can be said that money can definitely buy you happiness. Let’s take a look at the few ways money can buy you happiness.

  1. Money allows you to lead the exact kind of life you’ve always dreamt of

There are many experts who keep assisting the millennials to pay off their student loan debt burden and keep amassing wealth. They have taught people that money can bring about happiness in their lives as it permits you to lead a lifestyle which you’ve always dreamt of. Be it going out for vacations often or going out for dinners or buying whatever you like, money can definitely make life easier. Even when there’s a windfall in sight, you can still take financial steps to enhance your position.

  1. Frugality can be a choice when you have money

Once you start making enough money, frugality will become a choice and not a compulsion. When you have more money, you will also have more options at hand. It goes without saying that it is extremely frustrating to have the feeling of being limited in what you do or what you buy due to inadequate funds in your pocket. So, when you have that kind of flexibility in your finances, you will become more grateful.

  1. Money can buy you memories and experiences

There are many who have always been interested in money for as long a time as they can remember. When you have enough money at your disposal, you can go out for adventures with your family which bring in joy and lets you gather enough good experiences from traveling. Money can buy you happiness as it offers you the experience of doing what you have been dreaming of. Without money, could you ever go out for a lifetime trip to Europe?

  1. Money helps you get rid of financial stress

When you have money, the most obvious things you may have are food, shelter, material comforts, travel and entertainment. However you can’t deny the fact that money also eliminates all sorts of financial stress. If you have a good savings cushion, you will live longer due to less financial anxiety. You will know that you can beat the odds of a sudden trip or a job loss or some unforeseen medical expenses.

Hence, money can definitely buy you happiness. If you were someone who believed against this saying, consider the points given above to start believing in the same.

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