4 Irrefutable Signs it’s Time to Change Your Job

4 Irrefutable Signs it’s Time to Change Your Job

Have you been always stressed about your work? Or do you think that you no more fit in with the environment of your office? Did you recently experience verbal abuse in your office? If so, you must be ready to move on to your next job. In fact, as per experts, there are several signs that prompt it’s time to leave your job and drift to a new one. There can be nothing worse than sticking to a job which isn’t being anymore right for you. Regardless of whether you feel trapped inside your job role or you aren’t getting along well with your manager, or you feel you’re not being compensated in the right way; here are few signs when you should be sure about a job change.

Sign #1: You lack passion to go to work

If you have been waking up in the morning without any feeling of excitement for your job, you should know that it’s time for a change. The feeling which you had when you first joined office, when you thought about all the contributions which you can give and the possibilities, is all gone. This kind of feeling shows that you’re doing something which you don’t love and hence it will never tap your actual potential. Your job will only continue to be a job and you will rather lose your passion.

Sign #2: You are not being given any vital responsibility

Now that you’re working in your office for a long time, you must have mastered the skill of being a leader. If you’ve been associated with your organization for more than 18 months and you see that they didn’t start any conversation about adding responsibility or extra compensation, it’s time that you give up. When you ask for particular benchmarks, if they seem to be unwilling to continue the conversation, you can be sure that it’s time you leave your job.

Sign #3: They passed on you for a promotion

If you see that after a few months, the promotion that was promised to you still didn’t become fruitful, you should be sure that it is further not going to be true. Arrange a meeting with your boss and speak to him regarding a transition timeline and inform them that you would prefer a role which includes more responsibility. In case you find them side-stepping this issue, it’s probably time to change your job.

Sign #4: You’re watching out for more freedom

We are living in the era of gig economy and hence professionals are all blessed with enough flexibility in the way they work, including much more agile situations, remote opportunities and freelance roles. Hence, if you feel that you’re in need of little more freedom, you may certainly make the decision of leaving this job and opting for a new one.

Therefore, if you’re getting all the above mentioned signs in your life, you’re probably all set for a job change. Start looking for a new job and hand over the resignation letter to your present boss.

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