5 Tips to Sell Your Home Faster

5 Tips to Sell Your Home Faster

Ever wondered what steps to take in order to sell your home faster?

While most advice you read online states you should buy property in order to invest in real estate, sometimes selling can actually be part of the process.

Have you inherited a home somewhere you know you’ll never move to? Did you recently change careers and can no longer live in the same area?

These are only a mere few reasons to sell your property and invest the money somewhere else (other properties come to mind, if you’re already familiar with the real estate game).

If you’re looking for useful tips to sell your home faster, here are a few that actually work.

  1. Intensify your home’s visual appeal

There are many situations where the sooner you sell your home, the better! However, lowering the price is not the smartest idea!

Instead, try giving your house a ‘makeover’ in order to make it look more attractive to potential buyers!

Just like home appraisals for refinancing, decluttering, improving curb appeal or a fresh coat of paint can really make a difference!

You might think this method might be deceiving for potential buyers, but it’s really not.

Not everyone is able to look objectively at a new house!

Visualizing a cozy, comfy home can be difficult if all you see is clutter, dust and a dirty old wallpaper in the living room.

Instead of thinking “this guy wants to sell because he has to move”, a potential buyer could think “this guy is selling because the place is falling apart!”

  1. Hire a professional home stager

While surely you can enhance your home’s appearance by yourself, a professional home stager will probably be able to better showcase your home’s best features.

A good staging will definitely get your house for sale the attention it deserves from potential buyers.

Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes: you’re looking for a new home for you and your family. You need it to be a cozy one and – if possible – ready for you to move in!

While you’re home shopping, you also have your job to go to, your kids soccer games to attend and so many chores to get done!

Do you really have time to look at 100 listings?

Probably not!

So you’ll most likely go with your gut and base your first impression on listing photos!

Hence, if you want to sell your home faster, hire a home stager to help you with your listing photos and make a good impression each time someone looks for a new house to buy!

  1. Make the necessary upgrades

Before putting your place up for sale, make sure at least the little necessary repairs are taken care of.

Leaky faucets, a broken light switch, these little things actually matter.

Before buying a house, potential future owners will want to look at every single detail.

If the house is in need of a major repair, just be honest about it and renegociate your price with the potential buyers. Major investments in a home you’re just going to sell later are really not worth it.

However, small upgrades and repairs count a great deal. Who wants to move into a home and waste time repairing all the small things?

  1. Work with a real estate agent as well as by yourself

Once your home is ready to go on the real estate market, you have to spread the word you’re selling your property.

Working with a real estate agent will significantly increase your chances of selling. After all, they all work on commission.

Find a real estate agent with a good reputation (look for reviews online or ask around to see if they have a good selling record) and hire them to help.

Meanwhile, don’t just sit around waiting for the sale to happen. Promote your property everywhere you see fit: spread the word to your friends and family, share your listing on social media, ask your neighbors if they know someone who wants to buy (you’d be surprised to find out how many people look forward to family or friends moving close by!)

  1. Price it right

Try to price your home at the going rates in your neighborhood.

Don’t be greedy and overprice it just because you recently remodeled your living room!

You’ll never sell it if you’re not flexible with your pricing or willing to negotiate.

Don’t act desperate and sell it for too little either.

Not only will you leave money on the table, but people might think there’s something wrong with the house! Why would you ask a low price for a property that clearly is worth more?

If you’ve already hired a real estate agent, ask for his opinion as well. They already know their way around the block, so surely they can suggest the correct price range.

What other tips to sell a house faster can you recommend? How have they worked for you? 

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