Clever Financial Investment for Your Business: Promotional Products

Clever Financial Investment for Your Business: Promotional Products

One of the best ways of branding your company and maximizing your marketing efforts is certainly investing in promotional products. Giving promotional material to your current and potential customers can improve the opinion your customers have of your company and help establishing a positive reputation.

People are more likely to buy from you when they remember your company’s logo from the promotional material; it is the best way of advertising your products and certainly the most cost-effective.

A long-time investment

When you give promotional gifts to customers, they keep it for a long period of time (for an average of one year or longer). This increases the awareness of your brand also with people who get in contact with the gift recipient or those who see them using the product.

Budget-friendly promotional ideas

There is a wide variety of promotional material you can use for advertising your brand, but our advice to you is that you should use the material that represents your company and is important to your brand. Custom pens, personalized umbrellas, caps, mugs, calendars, planners and schedulers etc. are most common, but should consider being specific. For example, insurance companies that want to protect their clients might give out promotional safety products. A travel company might give out beach or travel related promotional products.

On the other hand, you can choose your promotional material according to whom you want to advertise your product: general public or specific subsets? Best promotional material for general public are home drives for IT techs; sun glasses for lifesavers; wristbands, shirts and hoodies for gym trainers. Be specific with you advertisement, it makes people feel like you know them and it paves the way to a good future communication.

Why is promo material such a great investment

Advertising through giving promotional material is effective only if it works to grow your business. When compared to other forms of advertising, promotional products generate higher customer response in the form of getting contact information, generating referrals and making purchases. Such palpable results make helps you measure the effectiveness of your promotional campaign and whether or not you need to make adjustments to bring in more businesses.

The cost-per-impression (the average amount of money that is spent for a campaign compared to the number of times someone sees the advertisement) is considerably smaller with promotional products that with any other form of advertising (e.g. For example, the average cost-per-impression for a promotional baseball cap is only 0.002 cents, which is one-fifth of a cent for each impression).

Radio or television advertisements are broadcasted a limited amount of times and can be easily forgotten, while promotional material is kept for years and constantly serves the purpose of reaching new audience over and over again.

Promotional merchandise is the best way for potential clients to remember your company and the products or service you offer when they are constantly reminded about it when using the promotional gift. It is the most cost effective and durable marketing technique, it is relatively inexpensive and you can be sure that it will bring you new customers and create conditions for new single purchases or concluding partnerships. Everything with your logo on it which is repeatedly used and visible on an everyday basis, helps you build recognition.

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