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Don’t Bleed Red in Phone Bill When You Travel Abroad – Few Tips to Save Money

Don’t Bleed Red in Phone Bill When You Travel Abroad – Few Tips to Save Money

Did you ever get a phone bill that ran a shiver down your spine post traveling?  Well, there are lots of people who are totally ignorant about the way in which they should cut down their telephone bills while they travel internationally. When you’re out on a vacation, you must be eager to post photos on Facebook and Instagram but how on Earth are you supposed to access data connection without having to pay a hefty amount? You either need to speak to your telephone service provider or you have to do some research on the options.

If you’re not pretty sure about how to curb your phone bills when you travel abroad, you need not fret as we have come up with few options that you may check out if you wish to save money on phone bills.

Use calling apps and Wi-Fi

This forms the best option for people traveling to well-connected destinations

How does it work? If you’re someone who wants to just check social media feeds or some mail occasionally, the cheapest option is to turn data off always and use Wi-Fi instead of that. Watch out for Wi-fi hotspots and sit there to access the internet.

What will you need? If you open your email, Facebook, Twitter or any other social media site, they will all work perfectly on Wi-Fi. For texting and calling, you can use FaceTime, iChat, Whatsapp, Google Hangouts and Skype which can work on any kind of phone.

Tips: When you’re moving around, the app offers you maps of the city, lists of restaurants, attractions and Wi-Fi hotspots and you get them even when you’re offline.

Get a SIM Card

They are best for the travelers who need data and calling for more than a long weekend.

How does it work? With majority of the new smartphones, you can open your phone and swap SIM cards. Make sure you freeze your current SIM card account as long as you’re on the trip.

What will you need? When you reach your destination, get a SIM card that you find in an airport vending machine or local convenience store. You will instantly get a local number and calling time and definite amount of texting and data.

Tips: If you want to increase your allowances, you can even purchase a card which offers extra data and minutes.

Costs: The costs of SIM cards usually vary according to the place where you went and the places where you will make the calls. In Rio de Janeiro, a card costs $6 and you can also get a SIM starter kit which has got a chip in it. You will require a separate card for visiting each country.

Therefore if you’re someone who wishes to save money on making international calls, make sure you take any of the above mentioned steps to cut down your phone bills. It is always better to stay on the safer side than bleed in phone bills after coming back from a vacation.

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