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Save Your Dollars on a Vacation despite Being a Single Parent

Save Your Dollars on a Vacation despite Being a Single Parent

When you’re preparing yourself for summer vacations, being a single mom can make it difficult. But will that stop you from going out on a trip? Being a single mom will definitely thrust you with more responsibilities and liabilities, due to which you may feel monotonous. Moreover, don’t you feel how important it is to spend quality time with your daughter? Definitely yes! Although before planning a vacation with your daughter, you may have to decide on the time of vacation, the fact whether or not she has got scheduled exams right after the vacation and whether or not she will miss her tuitions, yet planning one despite all these is real fun.

There will arise a time when you won’t have money lying around for a vacation but still there will be times when you have enough saved for going out for a vacation. Here are few ways in which you can save for a trip despite being a single parent.

  • Watch out for a realistic trip and determine a savings goal

Studies reveal that when a person saves with a certain goal in mind, he becomes more successful with his pursuit of saving. Therefore, instead of saving for some vacation at some point of time, you can instead save for some 3-day trip to the beach every 5 months. The more realistic you can be about your vacation, the successful you can be. With a deadline that’s closer, you and your kids can be too excited about heading out for a vacation.

  • Create a monthly or weekly budget and keep aside money

Next you have to figure out how much you may be able to afford to save towards your vacation. Once you know the amount, take the money from your paycheck and get it transferred to a different savings account. In case you automate your account, it will become painless and easy. You can use Mint for this as this is free of cost.

  • Assign a jar for changes

If you could check Pinterest, they have some really great ideas to decorate them and you can even buy some. There are people who save even the smallest change and there are also some who have saved too much on their bills, so much so that they often can buy bigger things with their changes. So, you need to figure out what exactly works for you so that you can make it a habit of keeping aside whatever change you have.

  • Sell off some unused item

If you’re a single mom who is pretty serious about taking your daughter out on a vacation, you can even try giving up something or selling off something. If you don’t read the magazines that come to your house as a result of the monthly subscription, cut it off. Few other great things which you can quit are cable TV, clothes which you don’t use and things like that.

Therefore, if you’re someone who is wondering about how you could take your kid out for a vacation being a single parent, you can certainly follow the above mentioned ideas.

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