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Know Your Rights – Consult An Employment Lawyer

Know Your Rights – Consult An Employment Lawyer

Knowing what your rights are, inside the office and out, is imperative. As an employee, it is crucial that you know that you have certain rights and if they are violated, you can press charges. Employment litigation is one of the most common branches of law. There are many firms that specialize in this so getting help or advice is not a problem. Other than helping out and fighting cases in court, employment lawyers can give advice to people who are in need of their help. They offer their services both in court and outside of it, doing whatever they can to help.

Employment lawyers will give you a good idea about what to do when this situation occurs. They will do their best to get you justice in the system. They will also give you all the necessary legal information that you need. And protect you from a multitude of problems that can arise in the work place.

Any type of harassment in the office is against federal law. Knowing who to go to and when, will make sure your rights are protected in the office space.

Some of the things that employment lawyers can help you with are simple. They are the basic rights that you need to know about and what you have to watch out for incase they are being tarnished.

Employment Contracts

Many companies have contracts that state that an employer can fire an employee ‘at will’. This means that without discrimination, an employee can be let go whenever an employer chooses. However, if an employer has a contract that covers their job and salary, then an employer cannot break it. If he or she does, then it is time for an attorney to step into the picture.

Wages and Salary

According to the law, an employee has to be paid over time when they work for more than 40 hours a week. This means that any time spent working in the office after hours is counted as work time to the employee. If an employer does not keep this in mind and refuses to pay the extra hours, legal intervention is advised.


Any sort of harassment in the office is strictly disallowed. Anyone who is harassing another employee is viable to conviction if found guilty. There are many types of harassment and all of them are illegal. Men and women who are being harassed are advised to talk to their lawyer before they take any sort of step forward. It would be better to know what one is up against and what they define as harassment. A lawyer will guide a client and when needed, take the matter further. Often, misconceptions can lead to people losing their jobs so evidence of harassment is always important.

No matter what environment is created in the office, it is important for an employer to know his rights. Discrimination and any sort of harassment is strictly prohibited and forbidden by law. People who go through this are advised to contact their lawyers as soon as they can and get professional help.

This is a guest post by Leland Hughes. He is a retired attorney, who helps legal aids and paralegals fight against harassment in the office place. For people looking for good legal aid, Leland suggests some of the best attorneys at this website.

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