Taking a Pledge to Become Financial Sovereign This Women’s Day

Taking a Pledge to Become Financial Sovereign This Women’s Day

“You educate a man; you educate a man. You educate a woman; you educate a generation.” …… Brigham Young

This one liner is enough to explain women power. 107th International Women’s Day is knocking at our doors reminding us again the importance of the women in every aspect of life. Women play different roles through out her life span and they have proved their expertise almost in every field. Now when it comes to education, there are no stones untouched by women and as per the quotation educating a women means educating a whole generation.

Modern women are more career-oriented and they love to choose their own lifestyle. Under such circumstances finances play a very important role. No matter whether you are married or single, mother or a daughter, professional or a house wife every women should be able to take care of there own finances. On the eve of International women’s day here is a little treat for all the lovely ladies out there:

Don’t rely on anyone, start earning: If you are educated then why not applying your knowledge and talent to earn your own bread. Why do you need to rely on your husband or boyfriend? Know your own eligibility and try out a career as per your knowledge and eligibility. Do not only earn money but also focus on your career which will lead you to more money in future.

Educate yourself: If you can learn so many things then why not finance? After all finance and money is one the most important factor in our day to day life. As a woman you should have enough knowledge about financial terms and money management so that you can manage your own finances with out anybody’s help.

Earn more, spend less, save more: This is the three fundamental advices for all women out there. Nobody knows when time will take another turn and you will need an emergency fund for you. Don’t think that you are earning enough to meet your expenses, rather save enough money to use during tough times. This is important to stay self depended throughout the high and lows of your life.

Become debt free: So you owe a student loan and still fighting to pay it off. Most women as well as men struggle to pay off all the debts. Choose wise repayment options while taking out the loan. Plan your finances such way so that you can manage to payoff monthly investment. Also shape your lifestyle in a way so that you can lead your life with the money you have.

Know your rights: There are few natural sources trough which a woman can earn. Do you know the social security benefits or 401(k) retirement savings plan? Have you ever heard about spousal IRA? If you don’t have a clear idea about them then, try out some research today. You will get to know about few new sources of income.

Be confident- understand the insights of womanhood: Don’t ever underestimate the wisdom of a woman. Women are having some magical power to handle both household and career. They can be successful in any career. Stay confident and manage your finances with confidence.

If you go through this article, you can develop an idea that how women are dominating in some major fields. Take this as an inspiration. There is an extraordinary woman behind every ordinary face. Let us discover the spark inside us and let us enlighten all lives associated with us with that spar.

Happy Women’s Day!

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