Ways to Easily Cut the Cost of College Tuition

Ways to Easily Cut the Cost of College Tuition

Cut the Cost of College Tuition

Paying your fees through college is probably the most challenging issue students and parents face because the fees can be quite astronomical, but there are several ways to cut the cost. Finding ways to cut down your college tuition can help you save and get through college without any financial strains. It might not be easy, but it is worth the effort. You can greatly cut down your annual tuition fee by a huge margin. However, be ready to work hard and make tough choices on the colleges you will attend. Attend a tuition-free school or if you are lucky to win a scholarship. Let’s have a look on some of the ways to cut down the costs.

Go to a Tuition-free college

Well, did you know there are colleges out there that offer free tuition? Well, try and get into one of them. The only expenses you might have to incur are things like the room, board and maybe transportation. Institutions like the Berea College and the Alice Lloyd College in Kentucky offer free tuition. There are several other colleges through the US offering free tuition. Get to know them and try to gain entry. If not possible, you can try out the US military academies ranging from the Military Academy at West Point to the Coast Guard although you must be willing to work in the arm for at least five years.

Attend a community college

The annual tuition fees at a community college are way too low when you compare public colleges for students within the same state. Community colleges are ideal as you get to walk from home saving on room and transport costs. Understand the requirement for admission into a community college in your state and try to gain entry. Education in a community college guarantees you a spot in the top institutions in some states.

Try and join the in-state public universities

In-state public universities tend to be close to home and offer lower tuition fees compared to private institutions. The transportation cost is cut down as they are closer to home. Most people who attend private universities require a big financial aid to get through. In-state public universities are a great way to cut the tuition fee.

No-loan colleges are great

No-loan colleges offer you a “no-loan” financial aid that goes a long way in cutting your tuition fees. There are several colleges across the US offering the no-loan financial package that you can try to get into. Most of these colleges allow students from families with an average or below average income while other institutions allow all students.

Take advantages of the available financial aids
There are several student tuitions fees financial aid out there you can utilize to reduce your fees. Fill out the Free Application for Student’s Aid or the FAFSA form. The trick is to do it early as some institutions use the first come first serve basis. Get acquainted with the formula used to get the aid and apply accordingly.

Apply for scholarships

Any student can apply for a scholarship if they fit all the required conditions. Most students think they have to be incoming freshmen to get scholarships. Scholarships are open to almost all the students, and anyone can easily apply as long you meet the necessary requirement.

Get a job at the college

Well, you can even become a college employee and get to save a lot. If you work at a learning institution or have a child there, then you can get some form of tuition benefit. Most colleges offer tuition discounts for their student’s employees.

Take advantage of the advanced placement courses

IB and AP courses are typically free if you pass well in the year’s end exams. The only thing you might pay for are the exams. The advanced credits are great and give you a head start towards graduation.

Make use of your employer’s tuition assistance

There are companies that offer assistance to their employees looking to go back to school. Some companies can offer up to $5k tax-free money which can help you cut the tuition fee. Check to see if your employer has such form of benefits.

Get funds from the crowd

There are several crowdsources where you can get the extra fund to chip in to h=what you already have for your tuition fee. Popular websites like the GoFundMe have helped millions of people get through college, and you can make good use of them. There are hundreds of crowdfunding sites that help students raise tuition fee. Check out sites like GiveCollege and Piglt for more tuition funding.

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